Saturday, 27 October 2007

New projects and squirrels

The quilt shop still had the fabric. I can cut some more strips for the sashing and start constructing the quilt top. There was nothing to worry about, as the roll was nowhere near finished.

I also bought some new fabrics, as early this morning I thought of a new project. Last year I taped two pieces of wood together to make a portfolio case. I use this portfolio for my finished blocks. This way they are nicely tucked away together, and it works like a press. Even though it is a very practical thing, it just doesn’t look very nice. I’m thinking of making a cover for the case. Do you like the fabric I have chosen?

At this moment the fabrics are hanging to dry after being washed.

On the way back home I saw a squirrel! I haven’t seen one in the Netherlands, ever. And this one was far away from the woods. This little squirrel was visiting a place not far from where I live, only a couple of streets away. Wow, I love squirrels. They make me feel happy.

I might take up a new challenge!! I'll let you know soon what it is :)

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Caroline said...

I'm impressed, you really are very creative at the moment. You make wonderfull things, I love the choise of your fabrics. I love squirrels too, we have one living at our summerhouse. He or she is visting us sometimes. Squirrels don't like hard noises, when they're disturbed they want come back. greetings Caro