Sunday, 21 October 2007


Last night I was in a creative mood and as I needed the practise with the sewing machine, I thought why not try and make a needlecase. With some help from Natalie from Cinderberry Stitches I was able to produce this needlecase. As you can see I made some alterations. I de- sized the stitchery pattern and to be truthful it looks completely different to the one she made. Still, I do need to give her the credits, if I hadn’t downloaded her ‘springberries Needlecase’, I would never have thought of making something like this.
The end result is not bad. But I do have to admit, I need a little more practise with the sewing machine.

I’ve had some light problems. Now it is getting dark early it is hard to work in my study. I just haven’t got enough light! Then I thought of JW’s old lamp standing in the attic. Well, it is back down stairs and I have all the light I need. It isn’t as ugly as I thought it was (that is why it originally was moved to the attic, by me) I won’t need to buy a new lamp! My light problems are fixed. Haven’t I been environment friendly this weekend? This is recycling, or isn’t it? By the way, the needlecase isn’t completely finished; need to put on some buttons.


Sweet P said...

Your needlecase is cute. I've done the same thing with unused lamps in our house. I've put 2 of them to use in my sewing room.

I love your new bag. I would love to get a rolling briefcase too.

Karol-Ann said...

What a cute little needlecase! Very creative indeed.

The bag is gorgeous too - well shopped!

jacq said...

O leuk naalden mapje!!
ben gelijk het gratis patroon gaan bekijken, en opgeslagen ook natuurlijk fijn weekend

groetje sjacq w