Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Last lesson!

This morning I had my last sewing machine lesson. We learned how to piece the blocks together using three different techniques. However, not all can be done with just the sewing machine. Only about 80 percent is done with the sewing machine; the remainder has to be done by hand. Still, making borders and sashing this way is fun and practical.
We also learned the technique trapunto with the sewing machine. It is a lot less tedious, but I must admit I prefer the hand method.

I really like my new sewing machine, it has a lot of possibilities but after three lessons of machine quilting and learning lots of new techniques, I have to be truthful and say I prefer piecing and quilting by hand. The effect is so much nicer. The only downside, it takes a little more effort and time.

For those who think using the sewing machine is quicker will need to do a lot of persuasion, as at the moment I’m not convinced. Meandering your quilt isn’t quicker then hand quilting. Also it is pretty hard to get the stitches consistent in spacing and scale. I think this is important, otherwise it looks pretty messy. To get the right effect, you need to keep your hands moving at a steady pace and keep a steady pressure on the foot. This takes a lot of coordination skills. Will I ever be able to acquire this high level of precision?
So far, none of the quilts I’ve seen that have been meandered are stitched in such a way that you could say that the stitching is consistent in spacing and scale. So after three lessons, my conclusion is, I will stick with hand piecing and quilting.

According to JW, I’m a wuss. I should show more perseverance! How can I be convinced after only three lessons that hand piecing and quilting is the better of the two?

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