Tuesday, 30 October 2007

just a quick posting

I’ve made my fourth notation in my gratitude journal! It really works, focusing on the positive things that occur on a day. I can’t wait to copy my thoughts onto the fabric, but I will first need to buy the stuff and get my pens.

For those who don’t want to leave a comment but would like to email me, just click on ‘view my complete profile’. In the left corner you click on email. This is especially handy, if you want me to reply. That way I have your e-mail address :) Yes, Berna, this little message is for you.

I thought it would still be a little light when I leave for work, now we have winter time. Reality, I see the sunrise while sitting in the car in my daily traffic jam. It is also pretty dark when I get home. Sitting in my car in a traffic jam while it is dark is a new experience, I'm loving it :)

Some of my readers live in the southern hemisphere. You guys are so lucky the summer is coming. Yes, I’m a little jealous although I do have to admit I like the different seasons we have here up north. I like autumn and winter but I love spring and summer.

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Annelies said...

Leanne Beasley just visited Norway. On the blog of Anne Ida http://quiltoholiker.blogspot.com/
you find a photo of Leanne with her 365 Challenge quilt.
It is good to hear that you have already made the first step by journaling.