Thursday, 11 October 2007

I must be mad!

This week I had planned some days off. However, here I’m sitting behind my computer working on this report for work. I’ve been working on this report for some time, as it isn’t easy transforming the data to an easy reading report. But I’m getting there. So, I’m actually working at home and not having a holiday as I had planned.

But I’m letting myself be distracted easily. I was reading Tazzie’s blog and saw she was making a tumbler quilt. Naturally I had to ask where she got her tumbler template from. Once I popped the first question I couldn’t help myself and I asked a second. I wanted to know if she knew of the existence of kaleidoscope templates. Blogging is such fun, especially when you get an answer back straight away. Thanks Tazzie for your quick reply.
By the way, does any one have any suggestions for a kaleidoscope quilt? Please send a picture of your finished quilt, as I would appreciate some input for ideas.

I’ve also been chatting with Cathi from Celtic Knots, Ruth from Ruth’s Place (she just has gotten a baby daughter, with a lovely name) and Karol-Ann from Sew much fabric, sew little time, sew true! Visit their blog’s, they are really nice.

Well I better get back to the report.


JW said...

You're lazy! Go and cook! ;-)

Karol-Ann said...

Kaleidoscopes are another quilt type, I haven't tried... It's amazing how easy it is to get distracted from a 'boring' task LOL

Thanks for enjoying my blog. I enjoy the chats :O)