Sunday, 14 October 2007

Completed another compass

Yesterday evening I found the time to cut out the fabric for the second compass we had to make. Today I pieced everything together while sitting in the garden. I even got a little tanned. We had a beautiful autumn weekend. Why can’t it be like this every day?

Last week I bought this little tool: the clover desk needle threader. It is great! Threading needles has never been easier. You simply set the needle facing down in the hole, lay the thread across the middle, press the lever and your needle is threaded! Who invented this? Was it a woman or a man? Please tell me it was a woman. Anyway, this tool has made hand piecing a lot more enjoyable (lol).
Here are some pictures of different stages of completion.
This compass was a little harder to make as the pieces are so small. As you can image, the block is only 15cm x 15 cm (which is 6 by 6 inches).

In our next lesson, coming Thursday, I hope to learn how to piece the circle in the middle. As you can see, the compass isn’t completely finished.

Here is Charlie. Cats do find the most unusual places to take a nap.


Karol-Ann said...

Those Mariner's Compasses are great - now that's something I'd like to try!
6 inches is a bit small for all that hard work though :O)

Chookyblue said...

I want to try this but have no idea where to start........looks great..

Anonymous said...

Hallo Helen,

Via mijn zus hoorde ik van je weblog en ik ben bijna verslaafd geraakt aan je "dagboek". Erg leuk!

Lijkt me erg handig zo'n needle threader. Ik weet niet of je reclame mag maken op je blog maar ik zou graag weten waar ik zo'n ding kan bestellen. Mocht je dat niet mogen publiceren, wil je het dan doorgeven aan je medecursist die "altijd" met haar zussen aan het switchen is? Ik hoorde van haar al dat jullie daar zo jaloers op zijn. En terecht ;)
Heel veel succes met quilten en je weblog. Ga zo door!

Ruth said...

Wow, your compass blocks look amazing!

ineke said...

Hallo Helen,
Ben op je blog gekomen via een vriendin van mij. Je compass vind ik geweldig. Ben zelf ook met een compass bezig(28cm). Ik zie dat jij verschillende patronen maakt, leuk hoor.

corry said...

Hoi Helen, both your compass blocks are beautiful! I know how difficult they are to make, so..petje af! I love your blog...I'll be back and read some more!

Caroline said...

Hoi Berna,
over het algemeen zijn needle-threaders in iedere quiltzaak te koop. Heb er zelf net eentje in Den Haag gekocht.
groetjes Caroline