Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Thank you for your complements. I think some people really like my compasses. It was very kind of you, Ruth, Ineke, Donna, Berna, Matty, Jacqueline, Caroline and Karol-Ann to mail me those nice e-mails. It is very encouraging. Yes, I will continue making more compasses.

Some of you wanted to know how to make these compasses. I could give a tutorial, but then this would become a very long post. I would advise you to do a workshop or follow a couple of classes. For those who are more inclined on teaching themselves: you can learn a lot by just reading Judy Mathieson’s book – Mariner’s compass quilts. Although, her instructions are for piecing with the sewing machine. The compasses I made are done by hand.

Still, I prefer the face-to-face teaching method. You learn so much more when in class. Difficulties are addressed straight away. Aagje, my quilt teacher, always has a solution.
I was very lucky to have come across this teacher who has taught me many (new) quilting skills. She is also very precise. Her teaching skills have taught me to hand piece with such precision. When doing a 15 by 15 centimetre block, it becomes a necessity to be precise. You can’t afford to be sloppy.
I’m looking forward to making another one. Can’t wait to see the end result, I’m pretty curious how this quilt top will turn out.

For those people who are still curious, most of the effort goes into making the templates, choosing the fabric, cutting the fabric and hand piecing everything together. When piecing everything together, we have learned to first piece a quarter, and then the other quarter, which becomes a half. Repeat this procedure and you get a whole circle compass. This whole process takes about 6 hours. Yes, this is not a typing error. It really takes (me) a lot of time to make this little compass.

I mentioned the needle threader in the previous post. This product is from Clover. The article number is 4055.You can order it at your local quilt shop or order it online. It is a great investment (but not a cheap investment).


Karol-Ann said...

Helen, I've tagged you - hope you don't mind... just ignore it if you don't fancy it :O)

Nadine said...

Thanks for these inspiring precisions, Helen. Accuracy seems to be the key word in this gorgeous quilt !

About the needle threader : I made this investment, too... strangely enough, I very quickly forgot about it, as I couldn't thread my needles with it (particularly the quilting needles - and as the others : about one on 3 or 4 !??)

Hugs & smiles,