Sunday, 28 October 2007

Challenge quilt

Yesterday I decided to undertake a new challenge. Caroline approached me, and asked if I wanted to join her in making ‘the 365 challenge’ quilt. On how to make the quilt, we decided to follow Leanne’s tutorial. I’ve started my little journal last night. Every day, I intend to write something that happened that day that I’m grateful for. I'm improvising on Leanne's idea a little.
I’ve ordered the pen and am going to buy the fabric next month. I don’t have any time before then, to go buy some. That doesn’t matter, as I have my little journal.
I think I will like doing this project: I think it will change my perspective of that day and looking back it might even change my life. It’s better to focus on the positive than on the negative. Negative thoughts are very time consuming.

Today I had a nice walk in the woods with a good friend. Autumn is really here as you can see.
This morning I’ve been busy making the quilt top of my star quilt. I’ve nearly completed a whole row. I’ll continue after dinner.


Ruth said...

Love your autumn photos - we are heading into summer here.

Annelies said...

I started my 365 Challenge quilt on April 30th. Tomorrow I will be halfway ! It is so much fun working on it, but it needs a bit of discipline. I hope to see pictures of your quilt in progress soon.