Saturday, 13 October 2007

Backyard - we are ready for the winter :)

Yesterday and today we worked hard in the garden. The parents-in-law helped cut back the trees and bushes in the backyard. It looks pretty barren now. Although I know it is good for the garden and next spring everything will grow back, it still makes me a little sad.
All the garden waste was dumped on the drive-way so that it could be removed this morning. We have a friend who has a car with a tow hook. JW and Adri brought it all to the tip with the trailer.

This friend is also very handy with tools and loves using them. Before I knew it, part of our only big tree was sawed off. Here the men are having fun.

In the next pictures you see the garden as it was this summer and some pictures of the garden all ready for winter.

Ready for winter

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