Sunday, 2 September 2007

What did I do Saturday....

Yesterday was the meteorological start of a new season. It is autumn! I prefer the astronomical calendar. That leaves us another 20 days, when counting from today. To be truthful it has been feeling like autumn for a couple of days now. Some trees are starting to discolour and the heath is already showing its true colours; beautiful.
Autumn is really a very nice season, in the north of Europe, when you look at our nature.
I’ll take some photos in a couple of weeks to show the true beauty of our autumn and our area.

When I woke up this morning I could also see that autumn is coming. At 6 am it was really dark. In another couple of weeks I will be driving in the dark to work and getting home in the dark. Around the 21st of December it usually doesn’t get light till about 8 am and gets dark around 4.30 pm. It always amazes me once we have past the 21st of December how quickly you notice that the sun slowly turns back to our side. I know, it is the earth that turns :) and the north hemisphere turns towards the sun.
Because of the vast apparent changes in seasons, I like living in Europe. Although, I do miss the weather in Sydney, Australia and I’m so jealous that the Aussies are approaching summer. Still, I know they are already worried that it will be another very dry season, with water shortages and bush fires.

Yesterday we, Matty, Joke and I, drove to Deventer. We left the highway at the Twello/Wilp and drove on the dike towards the IJssel (a river). The scenery is very picturesque. Sadly, I was driving so I have no photos to show. We crossed the river by boat = Pontje. A ‘pontje’ is a very small ferry for passengers and bikes only. We left my car at a carpark very near the river.

Meeting old colleges
On the ferry, this lady got on and after a good look, I recognized someone from a long time ago. She and I worked in the area of patient mediation. It was nice catching up. She happens to also be a quilter who now works for our national quilt association. And guess where she was going?

Coffee! We need coffee….
We all walked up to the big church where the exhibit was being held. She was allowed in to do some preparations; we had to wait outside till the exhibit opened. Yes, we were too early. We dutch-ies (I don’t think this is the right word) like our coffee. We were desperate for a drink. We walked around the church took the side roads looking for a place we could sit down to have some coffee. It seems that coffee bars, shops, etc all open around 10 am on Saturday. Here we were at 9.15 am in Deventer! After much searching we found a baker who also served coffee. See us happily drinking, and getting our daily kick of caffeine.
Yes, we also got some raison bread (krentebol) and muesli roll (mueslibol).

At 10.10 am we stood at the entrance and paid for our ticket. Naturally we all had to go to the toilet first ;).

No photos
I only have 3 photos to show of the exhibit. We were allowed to take pictures but were not allowed to display them on a website or weblog. Sorry, these were the rules. They displayed some beautiful quilts. I took 20 photos of the one’s I really liked. After 2 ½ hours we,- I - , decided we should go home. It was becoming very crowded.
I’m glad we made an early start and were able to see the quilts in all there glory.

Yes, the exhibit was held in this large church.

Opening of the autumn quilt season
As I had to drop Matty and Joke off in Putten, we decided to quickly drop in the ‘stoffen & baby studio’. In the cellar, which is a big room, all the quilt fabrics are displayed. And, in this room we also get our lessons. Riek, has redecorated the cellar and it looks really nice, bright and roomy. I think I will feel very at home here.

Aagje (my teacher) and I discussed what I needed for the sewing machine workshop. Naturally I need a sewing machine :) I thought I could use my mum’s old Singer. After finding out what I needed I hurried home and phoned our local sewing machine specialist.

I got some amazing service at this shop in Hardewijk. The assistant looked everywhere, opened a lot of little draws and finally decided he would phone a supplier of old Singer parts coming Tuesday, to see if this item is still available. It will most likely be very expensive the man said. JW waited in the car for ¾ of an hour! As we were illegally parked. But as I had to get my Singer to the shop, I had no other choose. I have a nice Hubby. Do you know how boring it is to wait that long! But he had the right spirit.
On the way home I did a lot of contemplating and after much discussion with JW, I have decided I will finally have to buy my 'own' sewing machine.
Money wise it isn’t the right time, but if I don’t buy it now I can’t do the course. And, I’ve be so looking forward to going to this class to learn to use the sewing machine for quilting.

Saturday was a very full packed day of things to do. After coming home I had to wash my car and vacuum clean the interior as I’m getting a new car coming Monday. I’m glad to get rid of this car. Since I’ve got it (2nd of January 2007) I’ve had to visit the garage nearly every fortnight. Everyone raves about the quality of Volkswagen, believe me after my experience I will never choose a Touran again. Hopefully my new car will meet up to my expectations.

Finished another block!!
Yes, I’m getting there! I finished another block last night. Today I will cut the material for another two blocks. As you have read before this is a tedious and slow job. But someone has to do it :)

Happy stitching everyone.


Judith said...

Ik ben vrijdag geweest en toen was het juist 'smorgens zeer druk en 'smiddags rustig. 's morgens kon je de quilts amper goed bekijken.

Sweet P said...

Wow! What a busy day. I can't imagine not finsing a coffee shop open at 9:15 am. I'm like you I need caffeine in the morning.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I can't to see your photos of fall in the Netherlands. I'll be sharing photos of fall in New England as well.

PS - Your smaller drivers license is just like we have here in the US.