Sunday, 30 September 2007

Star quilt - it is going to be huge!

I first laid out a bed sheet. This should be large enough to arrange all the blocks, I thought. Teddy, the cat, is a little curious. I saw him thinking, this is a strange activity Helen is undertaking. This needs my inspection.

The quilt is going to be huge! I'm unable to arrange all the blocks on the bed sheet. It doesn't fit.

Remember, that I mentioned it will be 240x240 centimeters when it is complete. Silly me, thinking I could fit it on a single bed sheet.
Here are the remaining two photo's of the star quilt under construction. Charlie, the cat, seems to already like it.

Coming Wednesday I'm going to cut the borders and then I can start piecing everything together. This will take me forever!


Caroline said...

Good luck wednesday. You know when the top is finished, we will helping you to sandwich it.
greetings Caroline

Karol-Ann said...

Just found your blog. This looks like lovely quilt and your tea-cosy is gorgeous too.