Saturday, 15 September 2007

More blocks

There have been only two things on my mind this week: my day job and blocks.
I've rushed home every day so that I can fit in about two hours of piecing a night. I've been a busy girl. Only one and a half block to go! After next wednesday I will take a break, actually I will need a break.
Do you sometimes veel the pressure? Is quilting taking over your life?
I can hardly fit in all my chores in the 24 hours I've got. I might need to prioritize more. I might even need to do a time-management course :)


Caroline said...

I know you will manage to finish all your blocks before course 3. Still days to go.

Sweet P said...

I let quilting take over my life on the weekends. During the week I work hard at my day job and in the evenings I try to keep up on the household chores so I can play all weekend.

jacq said...

je gaat het redden hoor, de blokken zijn af voor donderdag!
we geloven erin.

groetjes jacq