Sunday, 23 September 2007

I stand corrected

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to plan a get-together end of October beginning of November to sandwich my quilt top. It is not very likely I will then be able to sandwich my top. I first have to sew all the blocks and borders together. This will take me a while. I will never be able to sew it all together in 4 weeks time. I think the sandwiching will most like take place sometime December/January I hope.
Luckily, I have some quilt friends who think with me!

Yesterday we went to Atelier Bep in Doesburg. We had a terrific time and it is a great place to have a workshop. Maybe a little cramped, as there were ten of us.
Here are some pictures of the shop.

Here are some pictures of some of us working very hard. You can see the concentration on our faces. Especially, me (I’m the one with the red cardigan).

Caroline and Jacqueline have been very creative. They took their works with them for show and tell.

Bep, also had made a nice little quilt. Don’t you just love the Christmas tree made of little yo-yo’s? I would love to make it, but I’m so busy with all my other projects.
Coming week I have every evening planned! Monday and Tuesday evening I will have to complete my homework for the machine quilt class, coming Wednesday.
Wednesday and Thursday evening I will have to cut the fabric for my compass. Giving me the week after enough time to finish, patch the compass together.

Here is my Bep-project. I started to make a tea-cosy. Had to alter the pattern a little, as my teapot is a little bigger than the pattern.

After a busy day in Doesburg, I continued working on my my tea-cosy, when I got home. I did some stitchery, made some yo-yo’s that will become my flowers. I’m getting there, but I need a little more time to finish it. Jacqueline, made her tea-cosy in only a couple of hours. How I don’t know.
Maybe I didn’t have enough time! We did have a long lunch break :) We had a hearty lunch at ‘la Fleur’ lunchroom. I also bought some Doesburg mustard at this shop, as it was more then a lunchroom alone. See all the goodies.

Walking back to Atelier Bep I saw this gnome. I just had to buy it for JW. He loves gnomes.
Saturday was very tiring day but I had a terrific time. Thank you, Jacqueline, for organizing this day.

While working on this post, Bruce Springsteen was singing in the background. His Live in Dublin CD is great. If you have time, do have a listen.


Judith said...

It was nice to meet you and I had a lovely time too. Hope to see a finished teacosy soon.

inge said...

seeams a lovely day

Caroline said...

Hi Helen,
thanks for driving us to Doesburg. I had a great time. I'm honoured you put a picture of my quilt at your website. See you on thursday 6th octobre.
greetings Caroline

Annelies said...

Wat leuk om zo al die foto's van atelier Bep te zien. Ik ben er nog nooit geweest, maar geniet wel elke maand van het maandpakketje van Bep.