Saturday, 29 September 2007

Cosy evening

Last night was a cosy evening sitting near the fire place and stitching away finishing my tea-cosy. It was so nice and warm.
Went to the GP yesterday afternoon. I have Paronychia and have all the symptoms; swelling, redness, pus collection and pain and tenderness to touching (typing hurts a little when I tap the keys with my ring finger). Have to keep on bathing my finger in Biotex and when I put on the band-aid afterwards add some iodine.
Paronychia, sounds very impressive. See what happens when you pull at a little piece of skin near your nail. I feel very stupid.
Just in case, as the weekend was starting, I got a prescription for antibiotics. I only need to start with this if the infection spreads. I think I will be ok.

This morning I had a nice little chat with my niece, Zoë. She picked up the phone. Chatting away like always. At a certain point she said ‘I’m going to bed and sleep awhile – Teddy is going with me’. Then I heard nothing…. ….. Here is me calling through the phone – asking if she could give the phone to my sister. Her answer ‘no, we are sleeping’. Again silence. What do you do then?
Zoë is 3. It is becoming quit a challenge to get my sister on the phone. Zoë is very quick in picking up the phone. This isn’t the first time I had to do some convincing before I can speak with my sister. I did eventually get her on the phone.

I’m going to work on my tea-cosy now. Have a nice Saturday.

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