Sunday, 16 September 2007


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. We were extremely lucky as some weeks ago we had planned to do some planting, and as you might know, gardening is a lot more fun when the sun is shining. A couple of months ago I got a Christmas tree for my birthday. We planted it in the front garden. Sadly, it didn’t survive our summer. My parents-in-law treated me to a new one.
So off we went in the afternoon to the garden centre. I first didn’t think it would fit into my new car (a Renault Laguna). But some days luck stays on your side and besides the new Christmas tree we also took home with us two Prunus Serrolata (a Japanese Cherry tree). I seem to have a bigger car then I thought.

The Prunus need to grow a little before they will block the view of our neighbour’s window. The neighbours have these hideous yellow and green windows.
In one or two years we won’t see it anymore as we will have these beautiful blooming trees in the spring.

But back to the subject of my Christmas tree. Here you see the clear patch where the tree will be planted. My FIL shovelled this big hole and planted the tree. Doesn’t it look great?
Hopefully coming Christmas, we can put in some lights. It is really nice to come home in the dark and see the Christmas decorations alight.

Before the arrival of my PIL I pieced half of the second last block together. Got a little distracted as Caroline phoned to ask me to go along for a walk. Sadly, I had to decline the invitation. I would have loved to have come along, but I think she understood why I had to decline. Even though, she most likely thought it funny that I’m already busy with the Christmas preparations. But as some know, you can’t start early enough!!

After planting the trees we had a snack and after that the PIL went home and I got prepared for my evening out. Had a nice shower, washed my hair and after getting dressed drove down to Zeist.
I met up with some old friends. We celebrated our friendship, and that 20 years ago, we graduated and joined the nursing profession. Yes, I’m a RN, although I don’t practise anymore. I however do still work in the area of healthcare. I couldn’t imagine working in another field.

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