Sunday, 9 September 2007

Blocks, blocks and more blocks

Eleven people let me know that they liked the new layout. Thank you for filling in the questionnaire. I’m pretty happy with it too.
My creativity has been working fulltime and I found a new thing to explore. I’ve been looking into digital scrapbooking. A fun site to further explore this topic is: . I can’t show anything yet, as I’m still figuring out how everything works :)
I hope to jazz up my blog a little more by using the scrapbook techniques.

Last couple of days have been packed with activities. Friday, we got a frameless screen wall placed in our bathroom. This way less water comes into the bathroom when we shower! I think it looks pretty cool! Thanks to the parents-in-law, as this was a gift, we can now use the downstairs bathroom (en-suite) too. Yes, our bedroom is downstairs! And, yes we have two large bathrooms, very handy, especially when we have to get up at the same time. One is upstairs and the other one downstairs. To celebrate I got some pink towels for the downstairs bathroom. Which reminds me, I have to put them into the dryer :)

Saturday I first went to the hairdressers. Then I went to the supermarket and garden centre. In the late afternoon we went to some friends for a BBQ. It was most likely the last one for this season. But I hope not, as I love BBQ’s.
It really feels like autumn. We ate indoors as it was already pretty cold. Although, I was prepared for the change in weather, having taken my body warmer and fleece jumper with me. We had a fish BBQ. This was a change from the usual, but very nice. It was great catching up with them.

Charlie, my cat, was happy that I went to the garden centre today. You can see him thinking, ''Look what I’m having!''

Today, I cut material for another two blocks. I only have to cut one more block!!! I’ve got that planned for next Sunday. I’m actually nearly there. So I’m going to finish this post and piece all the bits together now. At least I’m going to try to put another block together this afternoon/evening.

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