Thursday, 27 September 2007


I’m feeling a lot better then the first couple of days this week. Sadly, my immune system isn’t back to normal as I now have an infected finger. A little cut has transformed my finger. It is swollen and red and I’ve even detected some puss coming out of the cut. I’ve been bathing my finger in Biotex a couple of times a day. This helps, but if the swelling and pain hasn’t gone down a little more by tomorrow morning, I think I might have to visit my local GP.
So I do feel alright again, but my body wasn’t able to fight of the little germs that were located near the cut!

Ugly little creatures

Had a long day at work and when I came home I did some catching up on my blog reading. It always amazes me how creative everyone is. Where do you find all that time? Or is it just me that makes slow progress?
Had a chat with Caroline this evening. We have a new idee for an workshop :)
The weekend is in sight. I’m always happy when it is Friday and I can start planning my weekend. Hope to catch up and finish my tea-cosy and compass.
I can also start the countdown for my holidays. As of Wednesday next week, I have one and a half weeks off work. Hum, looking forward to sleeping a little longer then usual (I can wake up around 7 instead of 5.30 am). Just lazying around! Of, the 13 days off, I only have 6 planned! Four days are reserved for a little vacation in Germany with my sister, her kids and my mum. The other two will be spend in the garden. We need to get the garden ready for winter!

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