Thursday, 23 August 2007

Who said Quilting was a cheap hobby...?

It is amazing how much money goes into making a quilt. Today I needed a water erasable marking pen. Off I went to Putten, to my local quilting shop. Before popping in, I first got my new glasses. I love them. They were even a little cheaper then I thought. After paying for them I went off to the quilt shop.
Besides buying the marker pen, I bought two FQ of crème fabric and some sewing pins.

I just want to mention there are some great and kind quilters out there. They are always there to help. I also love receiving their comments / e-mails. I’m glad I’m back into quilting. I hadn’t expected to encounter such nice people. If they were there 10 years ago I didn’t meet them. More then 10 years ago I followed my first quilt workshop, but after two seasons I quit. One of the main reasons was that I needed to write a research proposal to enable me to get a grant for my PhD thesis. I got the grant in 1997 and I some years later my PhD. This is one of my major achievements. But I’m glad that project is finished and I could take up my hobby again.
I love big quilts. And, therefore, I try to make big quilts. I don’t like undertaking small projects.
The other reason that I quit the quilting lessons was that I thought I could do it all by myself. I found out the hard way. You need quilting buddies. More then 10 years ago, I started on this star quilt, as shown in the picture.
It is a Karin Pieterse design. It is a 2.06 x 2.06 metre quilt. This is another PhD I’m trying to complete. Only in this case PhD stands for Projects half Done. All the blocks having been laying in a box for a long time!

Yesterday I learned how to appliqué. I thought this would be really difficult but it is actually pretty easy. I’m combining the appliqué with stitchery. The effect is pretty nice. I think Zoë’s quilt is becoming a creative let-out. It is also becoming an expensive quilt. I really don’t want to add up all the euro’s that has gone into this quilt so far and I haven’t even gotten to the boarder. Still I’m enjoying myself. Only 123 days till Christmas and then Zoë’s quilt will have to be ready.

Tonight we are having our Bee again. I’m curious what everyone has made the past fortnight and the progress they have made.

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