Sunday, 19 August 2007

What I don’t like

Today I cut fabric for another block. What I don’t like is tracing around the templates and cut every single piece individually. It is such tedious work. It takes for ever. To cut all the pieces, for one block (for my ‘star quilt’) nearly take 1 ½ hours. And to sew everything together takes another 2 to 3 hours, depending on de star pattern. How long do you take?
Besides it being tedious, it is boring and bad for my back and neck. I can’t find the right position to stand or sit. Yes, I’m complaining!
Luckily I only have to cut another 5 blocks!
The cutting was made a little easier by having Bette Midler in the background. Her CD ‘Experience the Divine Bette Midler’ gets me swinging and back into a happy mood.

This morning I ordered a Sewing Machine Trolley online. Sadly, the trolley I wanted to order at my local Quilt Shop was too small and a larger one was unavailable. But luckily we get nearly everything online these days. The only thing you need is a little patience and search competence. I just hope I will have it before the 12th of September. I need to take the sewing machine to the course I’m following that day and the trolley will come in real handy.

Yesterday I went to the ‘Apenheul’ in Apeldoorn.
We saw some squirrel monkeys and met the new gorilla who hopefully will become the leader of the pack. After having a great afternoon with my mum, sister and her kids, I must admit I went to bed early. It was so tiring. Yes, I don’t have any kids! The other reason, I went to bed early, was that I was up since 4 am. I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement, probably :)
After an afternoon with the kids at the zoo, I understand when my sister, once again, complains on how tiring parenting is.

Photo 1 - My mum and sister ; Photo 2 - Me and Tess ; Photo 3 - a squirrel monkey, isn't he cute?

Photo 1 - Zoë with a squirel monkey; Photo 2 - the gorilla's

I will get another practice session with the kids soon. The ''girls'' are thinking of taking a little vacation together. My brother-in-law and JW are not invited :). But I expect they will enjoy themselves and are a little glad for some quietness and a long weekend alone.

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Sweet P said...

Do you hand piece? Is that why you are cutting fabric using templates? That would be time consuming. Perhaps you could do an assembly line-style of cutting. Instead of cutting the pieces for one block at a time, perhaps you could cut all the cream blocks, then the orange diamonds, etc.

As for the back and neck pain - are you standing at a sewing table or dining room table? That will make you bend over more and cause back aches. Think about standing at your kitchen counters and cutting the fabric. You won't put stress on your back and neck that way.