Thursday, 16 August 2007

Scrappy Cabins

I was reading some blog’s early this morning (before leaving for work) and saw a new posting on Melly&Me. I love and admire the Scrappy Cabins quilt. It looks great. The colour scheme is fantastic. It gives lots of 'happy' vibes. I might take up the challenge and see what I can do with the fabrics I have left over for Zoë’s quilt. I might make a border of Scrappy Cabins.
Melly&Me have even posted a tutorial on how to make the Scrappy Cabin. I think I might need to buy some non glued interfacing so that I can start to make some Scrappy Cabins this weekend.

I also received a letter in the post (snail mail) from the lady who has the pattern for the quilt sampler I saw last weekend. I’ve just ordered the pattern and hope to receive it some time next week. I think it will look great in a picture frame. I intend to put it on the sideboard in the hall. But we first need to buy the sideboard (I'm smiling now). This isn’t in the plans for the near future as I’m saving up for an antique one. I’ll have plenty of time to finish the sampler.

When I opened Outlook I found an e-mail from Crownstitches letting me know I’ll be receiving the quilt-embroidery samplers tomorrow. These are the one's I ordered some time ago, but there was a slight delay as I typed in the wrong banknumber. Silly (stupid) me!

I’m going to have a very busy autumn. I’ll have to put off my plans to make the Dear Jane quilt. It will remain a dream for a little while longer.

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