Wednesday, 1 August 2007

No quilting

The past two days I haven’t done any quilting. Monday I had a friend over for diner, which was great fun. And we all liked the vegetarian risotto I made.
It is always nice to catch up with someone who you haven’t seen for a while.

Yesterday I was unable to do any quilting :(. My arm really hurts. I was pretty sick after the physiotherapy. I did order something online! I couldn't help myself (lol). Yes, I bought two embroider quilt patterns, or is this technique called stitchery?
Here are patterns, what do you think?

I also tried my hand at EQ6 and tried to design a block for our BOM-project. I'm not satisfied with the result. I'll keep on practising.

The sun is shining, and as I’m home a little earlier then usual, I think I might go and sit in the garden and absorb some sunlight.

But who knows, maybe I will do some quilting tonight.


Judith said...

Hoi Helen, het is in het engels crossstitching. Stitchery is weer anders.
Zien er leuk uit trouwens.

jacq said...

Hoi Helen, hihi, kon je het niet laten om ze te bestellen, ik snap het wel ze zijn erg leuk!
ene zoals als je ale gelezen hebt heet het cross stitching.
groetjes jacqueline, die vandaag heerlijk heeft zitten patchen

Melly said...

Hello Helen, Sometimes a break is just what you need!! I find after a little break I get so much more inspired and have so much more energy to sew,sew,sew! So maybe the break was meant to be and inspiration for your BOM will be just around the corner! Thanks for your comment and well wishes on our blog!! =)