Tuesday, 14 August 2007

No patchwork! The corner block is not finished

Last night when I got home from work my parents-in-law were busy in the front yard. The hedge was cut and lots more was done. The garden looks great and I think the neighbours are thankful!

The Dutch are very focused on appearances. Everything needs to be clean and tidy. Sadly one of our neighbours wasn’t so impressed with how we cleared the overgrown plants, so he decided to clear some plants himself (even though they are growing on our side of the wall). It surprised me every time again how little effort people put into communicating. Is it so hard to ask? Now we had to clean up the mess he made and my evening was a little spoilt.

My birthday present – a Christmas tree – has gone. It died and we now have an empty patch. Coming autumn we will plant a new one, for I want to hang up all those nice Christmas lights coming December.

I did no patchwork yesterday as we wanted to thank the PIL’s. We treated them on a Chinese diner. It tasted pretty good!

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