Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Have to control that craving...

Last couple of weeks I’ve gotten into the habit to reading some blog’s before I left for work. I’m a morning person and have no trouble waking up around 5.45 am. As there was no traffic congestion, as everyone in the Netherlands seems to be on vacation, I could leave a little later then usual. Giving me ample time to read some blog’s.

But I think I will need to control my craving, soon. Yesterday it seemed everyone was back. It was pretty busy on the road. The last couple of weeks, the trip to work took me only 35 minutes. Yesterday, the trip back home took me more then an hour! I will have to recondition myself and read those wonderful blog’s in the evenings or weekends. I can’t tell how long the trip would have taken to the office as I had to go to Haarlem, for a business appointment, in the morning. Normally the trip to Haarlem would have taken 54 minutes (according to TomTom) but it took me more then 1 ½ hours to get there. Yes, the Netherlands is very congested, too congested to my taste. Still it is very enjoyable to see all those ‘happy people’ in their cars. Some are really mad. I'm pretty sure this is the right diagnosis :)

I would love to share all the URL’s I have gathered, as I now have around 81 feeds. Wouldn’t it be great if all the quilt blogger’s could meet each other in real life? I think we would need a very big hall.

Yesterday morning I also got some good advice from Sweet P. I will have to make the table higher when cutting fabric so not to put too much stress on my neck, shoulders and back. Or go and use the kitchen counter, I hadn’t thought of that. But I’ve gathered lots of handy kitchen gadgets over the years and there is an excessive accumulation of stuff on my counter. I think I will have to be creative and think of something to make the table a little higher. Buying a new table is not a option as when I sit behind the table to sew it is on the right height.

Happy stitching everyone.

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