Friday, 10 August 2007


Yesterday it was our intention to do some gardening and prune the hedge. As you can see this really needs to be done. All morning we waited for the rain to stop. But it kept on raining and so we decided not to start. My parents-in-law were so kind to offer to do it next week (when it is dryer, hopefully).

All of a sudden I had the whole afternoon free. So I decided to drive to Putten to see what kind of trolleys Riek had to offer. I wanted a trolley for the sewing machine. My mum was so kind to lend hers to me. Only the lid (cover) of the sewing machine is broken, making it a little bit hazardous to carry (the sewing machine could drop). Well I ordered a great looking trolley. Can’t wait to get it. I should expect a phone call in about 10 days, so that I can pick it up.
The trolley will come in real handy as I will be doing a short course to learn to machine quilt.
After ordering the trolley I had to walk back to the car, which was parked on the other side of the village. And walking back I happened to walk past Klein, a clothes shop. After last week’s experience I didn’t expect to find anything, but I was lucky. I bought two skirts and a jacket. They look real nice and I can wear them to work. This was what I had in mind. And, what makes me even happier: both skirts and jacket are a size smaller then all the stuff I tried on last week. I nearly hugged the assistant.

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