Friday, 10 August 2007

Fabric for Mariner’s Compass

Today I went with a friend to Petra Prins, again. We planned to go early and around 10 am we were in Zutphen. I was looking for fabric for my next project: a Mariner’s compass quilt.
With a little help from Chris, the American lady working for Petra Prins, I was able to find what I had in mind. She was really a great help. I also enjoyed being able to speak English again and I think she enjoyed this too. After a lot of searching we came up with this selection. Don’t they look great?
Naturally once I was done, Caroline got all the attention :). She practically bought the whole shop! She needed fabric for her new projects, as she has completed all her other projects. I’m so impressed, with all she makes. I don’t know how she finds the time. To be truthful I do know, she uses her train ride to work and weekends on a camping-site in the Veluwe (National Park).

During our search, Petra Prins, herself came in the shop. She was getting ready for the Birmingham festival of Quilts. Lots of boxes were being unpacked and lots of bags were being packed. It was a nice mess in the shop.

After a busy morning we got offered a cup of coffee. We had a nice chat with Chris and Petra.

Besides buying the fabric I also bought a little tool to make yo-yos. I think they will look great on the quilt I’m making for Zoë. According to Petra they are really easy to make. Well after this advice I couldn’t resist buying one (and it wasn’t very expensive!). I’ll let you know another time if it is easy.

Buy the way I also bought some FQ’s for the appliqué that will go in the middle of the quilt. These are the green and brown coloured fabrics (see picture). I'm going to make the bottom appliqué.


Chookyblue said...

like the selections of materials....I have the yo yo makers and they are so much fun....I have a few different sizes you want to join a christmas swap see my blog....

Caroline said...

I didn't bought the whole shop.
greetings Caroline