Friday, 31 August 2007

Driving license

Today I picked up my new driving license. As you can see, it has become a little smaller, then we are used to in the Netherlands. It's very handy. It is the same size as my credit cards.

The old one looked like this. This is a picture of the front and back.

This posting isn't very quilt related, but I thought you would like to see my new driving license :).
Tomorrow you will hear all about my visit to the quilt exhibit in Deventer.

Just a quick update: I didn't finish another block tonight! I was busy piecing everything together but didn't quite make it. Have 2 corners left to piece and 2 middel triangles. I'm too tired now to finish it. I think I will go to bed and do some reading before I go asleep.
In the evenings I can't wait to go to bed. You see, I'm a morning person.

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