Saturday, 18 August 2007


This weekend Cathi and Barbara are visiting the The Festival of Quilts 2007 in Birmingham. I’m really curious: does it meet all expectations, are they enjoying themselves, which new ideas have they gotten, what did they buy and which new project will they undertake after all that inspiration. I can’t wait to read about their day. From what I have read so far I think it must be a great exhibition. Would love to visit this festival next year. Does anyone know where and when this is planned?

Donna from Chookyblue has been helping me to get my profile in Blogger arranged a little more effectively/efficiently. Now when I leave a message/comment behind on a blog the blog-administrator, my new inspirational quilt friends, can send an e-mail back to me, without too much effort.
A couple of weeks ago she initiated a Secret Santa Christmas Swap. The response was amazing. Eighty people are participating. Can’t wait to see what everyone has made. I was very tempted to enter but I resisted the temptation. I’m too busy with my day job (work). A couple of months ago I got a new job and it still drains a lot of energy out of me. I’m supposed to only work 40 hours but usually this is a little more (and I’m not including travelling time). Most of the time, there is not much time left in the evenings to do any quilting.
Another reason for declining to participate is that Christmas is really nearby. Only another 129 days! Maybe next year :)

Yesterday I promised my sister, Miranda, I would finish Zoë’s Quilt before Christmas. In the next couple of months I have a lot to do:
- Finish the star quilt (only 7 blocks to go!) and Zoë’s Quilt.
- Start on the Mariner’s Compass Quilt and the quilt-embroidery sampler.
- Make a BOM-design for the Home and Garden Quilt project, an initiative of three participants of the ‘’crazy quilters’’. Needs to be finished January 2008
- Start on the Home and Garden Quilt (the first two BOM’s have been designed)

Yesterday, I received the two quilt-embroidery samplers I ordered. They look great. It is really nice to get little gifts through the post. This morning I will quickly drive to Putten to buy some tread and non glued interfacing (for the Crappy Cabins). I need to be back on time as my mum, sister and my lovely nieces are coming for a visit.

By the way - the Home and Garden Quilt project consists of 9 blocks. Every month some one enters their design. Every block has to use an element from the previous block design. For example, when the first designer used flowers, then the next designer incorporates this into her block-design. The third designer uses something different from the previous block-designer (designer 2), etc. In a years time we will have 9 quilts with the same design, but they will all most likely be made from different fabrics and have a different colour scheme. Every block is 40x40 cm. The total size of the quilt (without borders) is 120x120 cm.
I'm really curious what the outcome will be! We won't know till next year, april!!!


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