Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Can’t stay behind....

Reading all those blogs has gotten me into the mood to tidy up my study. I got 4 boxes. They are all filled up with fabrics. The DMC treads are nicely tidied away in my little box. Not bad, if I do say so.

This morning a friend phoned from Australia. It is always great to hear his voice. Skype is a terrific and genius invention. However, it is strange when this ringing sound comes out of your computer and you can’t find the button to click and answer. It took forever to find the button. It kept on ringing and ringing. I was getting a little nervous and just when I found the button that needed to be clicked, he hung up on me. I had to phone back. At least I made someone smile today. He thought it was pretty funny.
For those who think I really had a long search, let me tell you, that this all took place in about 2 minutes.

I had a really healthy lunch.
A fruit salad of strawberries, red currants and pineapple.

Blogger is down. I can’t belief it, just when I want to post this. I will have to try again later. Lucky for me I first make a draft (in Word) before posting it. It is hard to think in two languages and write your thoughts down in one (language). Sometimes I don’t notice that I’m writing in English or Dutch. When I read it, it says what I want to say; even though sentences might be in half English and halve Dutch (only for the readers it might be a little weird). Do others have this problem? I don’t think in two languages, my language is a mixture of Dutch and English, making translating sometimes a little hard. The spelling checker is a great help, to point out mistakes.

I’m having a great day so far. No work till Tuesday next week, just a lot of free time to do all kind of nice things (we are getting guests from the UK this weekend).
I had my picture taken today for my new driving licence that I need to get. My driving licence expires soon and therefore I will go to the city council tomorrow and get a new one. Since recently we have a ‘credit card format’ driving licence like they have in the USA. Maybe I should take a picture of the old one, because in the not to near future no one will have the old one any more.
After leaving the photo shop, I went next door to the shop that has many spectacles. My glasses needed to be adjusted. And, naturally, I saw some nice glasses I liked. A third pair is always nice to have. (To be truthful I have about 7 pair – but the other four are a little old fashioned, I think). These new one’s have a pink frame. Tomorrow I can pick them up. I can’t wait.

I really need to get out the sewing machine and get some windmills made.

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