Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Well I found some time this evening to work on my quilt. After a long day at the office (I was there for nearly 10 hours) I got this urge to do some quilting. The centre square is nearly finished!! Tomorrow night I will get it finished for sure as we are have our Quilting Bee. No we still don’t have an original name for our Bee.
We are getting together at Caroline’s place. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as it’s always inspirational. It also motivates me to keep on going. I so really want to start on a new project! But I know that this quilt I’m working on will become a beauty.

If any readers have a suggestion for a name for our Quilting Bee, I would love too hear about it.

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Judith said...

Kijken naar wat jullie gemeen hebben en daar een naam op verzinnen.