Saturday, 28 July 2007

Random Things about me

The order of things don't reflect on the importance!

Things I love:
- I love cooking, but don’t often make the effort. Have to watch my weight :)
- I love coffee, especially the bro that come’s out of my Gaggia Titantium
- The early mornings
- I love my Hubby
- The beach and bush (especially Durras, near Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia)
- The dolphins and wallabies at Durras
- My whole family
Things I wish:
- I hope that ‘the crazy quilters’ stay together for a long time, and we have many creative hours together
- A two seater swing chair for the garden
- I would love to have more hours in a day
Things I want to do before I die:
- Nothing my life is perfect the way it is (I achieved what I wanted to achieve, got my PhD)
- Want to visit my friends in Australia, soon!
- Find new goals
Things I want to learn:
- Make a Dear Jane quilt
- Become a good healthcare consultant/adviser
- Getting the best out of people
- Patience
Things that makes a man attractive to me:
- (emotional) Intelligence
- (deep) Voice
- Tallness (by the way JW is 1.98 m and I'm only 1.60 m)
- Humour
- Quick thinker
- Adviser when my computer lets me down
Places to visit:
- Boston
- Rocky Mountains
- Want to travel with a camper van from Toronto to Vancouver (see Canada)
- Norway
- Scotland
- Ireland
Celebrity crushes:
- George Clooney
- Robert Redford
Favourite TV programs:
- Old childhood favourites > Flipper, Skippy – the bush kangaroo, Lassie, Waltons, Little House on the Prairie
- TV programs I now like to watch > ER, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Cold Case, Lewis, Judge John Deed, Silent Witness


jacq said...

whow Helen we houden we heel veel van de zelfde dingen, aleen val ik niet perse op lange mannen hihi.
ene ben ik zelf de techneut met de pc.

groetjes jacqueline

Kim said...

Hi Helen, thank you for adding Honeysuckle Cottage to the blogs you like to visit. I am always amazed with how close together the world of stitching is because of the internet and blogland.
And thank you for letting me get to know you with your 'random things' list. I had a giggle when I saw 'skippy' on your list. That definitely brings back memories.
Happy stitching, Kim