Saturday, 28 July 2007

A lazy saturday

This morning I’m a busy little bee. First I cleaned the kitty litter boxes and updated my blog. Then I decided to get dressed, as yesterday there was no bread at the supermarket. So after getting dressed, I went to get the bread (and other things). Naturally, after I got back I had to have a coffee break.
Did I ever mention my Gaggia, Titanium espresso machine? It’s one of Gaggia's top end automatic bean to cup machine. The coffee is great. I wouldn’t be able to live without this machine, anymore.

Anyway, a cup of coffee, a newspaper and magazine, is a nice way to take a break.
Naturally Charlie (the cat) had to look.

Here is a small impression what I read when I’m taking a break.

Having updated this my blog with this post, I will now continue with updating one of the page elements ‘great blog’s to read and follow’.

Other things that need to been done:
- washing (luckily I have a washing machine and dryer – it’s raining again today)
- cleaning the house, tiding up the place
- quilting!

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Caroline said...

Hi Helen,
your weblog is great. Y're so disciplined!! Looking and reading at your quilts is very nice. greetings Caro