Saturday, 28 July 2007

Charlie & Teddy

It’s a terrible job but someone has to do it, and that is me. This morning I decided the kitty litter boxes needed cleaning. Last Wednesday I did one of the three and this morning I decided to do the other two. Yes, we have three kitty litter boxes. One in the hallway downstairs, one in my study and the other one is in the bathroom upstairs.
By the way it is amazing what you can get for cats. I think I would love a Self-Cleaning Litter Box. The litter-Robot self cleaning system looks great. But it is a little too expensive. The Litter Round-Up® One-Touch Litter System is a little cheaper. But according to JW if we go electronic we have to go for the real thing.

Actually it doesn’t take up much time. The boxes are clean!

What is a little harder was making a collage of Charlie & Teddy. I wanted to give you a impression of my cats. Teddy, is like his name suggests, a real teddy bear. He is a big, cuddly, cat. Charlie, is a real lady. Both are very social.
Teddy is however showing some behavioural problems, and had to have some therapy, as he all of a sudden pees on carpet. It has been a very expensive year, as all the carpet has been removed (to be truthful, had to be removed, cat pee really smells). The therapy seems to work except when I go away for a longer period, like two days. Teddy makes it very clear when I come back that he was lonely and mad at me for leaving him. Teddy is becoming an old man with strange habits (although he is only 9).
A little side note – we first had Teddy checked out physically by a vet before he went into therapy. There is nothing wrong with him. It’s all in his head.

But let it be clear – I love my cats.

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