Sunday, 29 July 2007

Centre Block is finished!

I’m really enjoying putting up posts. This weekend I placed about 3. This is most likely because I had a real relaxed weekend. No appointments, nothing planned.
Yesterday evening I first enjoyed listening to my new CD. A present from JW. I really like Barbara Streisand, she did a great show in 2006. Her ‘live in concert’ is fantastic, at least I think so. After that I started with my quilt. A lot needs still to be done, but I finished the centre block (60cm x 60cm). I think it look great, and once it is quilted it will really look good!
While quilting we watched a dvd. Blood Diamond (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou). Very impressive. I’ve been asking for a diamond ring for some time, but after seeing this film I don’t think it is quiet appropriate to wish for one. JW was naturally very happy when he heard this. I kind of wanted to get a diamond ring as a present ;)

We also played with the Wii (from Nintendo) – we visited the 'voting channel'. I have my own Mii :)
The Wii is funny, but not really my kind of thing. I’ve already played golf and done some bowling on the Wii. I’m not so good with tennis on the Wii, in real life I was a lot better. According to JW practice makes perfect.

By the way the block I started on, while watching the dvd, is half-way finished. I’ve been very productive so far this weekend. Hopefully I will get some more done this afternoon.

As you can see hand quilting isn't always easy, especially when Teddy wants to watch and play with my hair.


Judith said...

Your middle block is just gorgeous and BIG. Love the new block too.

Sweet P said...

Hi Helen! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your name (it's my mom's name). Your center block is gorgeous. Are you hand piecing your blocks?

Ron Keulen said...

Hey Helen,

Ben effe op je blog langsgeweest; als je niet écht 'into quilting' bent (zoals bij mij het geval is) is het erg apart om te lezen hoe iemand zó ontzettend opgaat in iets waar je je zelf amper iets bij kunt voorstellen ;-)

Bedankt voor de uitnodiging die je me hebt gestuurd; ik zal er één dezer dagen effe naar kijken. Ben net een paar uur terug van vakantie in Italië, en begin morgen met m'n nieuwe job....dat is dus effe omschakelen...

Greetz, en tot mails,