Sunday, 17 June 2007

The stars

My quilt will consist of many stars.
In the middle will come a large ‘Dutch rose’. This is nearly finished. Hopefully I will get is done this coming week. Once it's done I will place a picture on my blog.

On the corners there will come four evening stars. One is completed.
On the left and right sides the following stars will be placed:
- de Lemoyne star (I just discovered that I still need to make two of these. Silly me, and I thought I was half way there!)
- Liberty star
- St. Louis star
- the circling swallows

On the top and bottom rows I will place
- the castle wall
- the middle ages
- the broken star
- the jewels in a frame

I hope you get a clear picture of the quilt under construction. A lot more hours are needed to complete this quilt! I really hope I can start sandwiching in September.


jacq said...

Hoi helen,
welkom in blogger land hihi,
je sterren zien er goed uit zo!!
blijf je kleur keuze geweldig vinden.

groetjes jacqueline
te lui om in engels te schrijven

Mirelle said...

Hoi Helen,

Ziet er leuk uit! Erg professioneel. Groeten van je leukste Prismant-collega's Mirelle, Jeroen, Sorien en Rutger