Monday, 18 June 2007

The quilt I made for Tess

Some of you might be interested in the quilt I made for Tess, my niece.
Here are three photos. Two of the quilt and naturally I added one with Tess sleeping under her quilt.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

The stars

My quilt will consist of many stars.
In the middle will come a large ‘Dutch rose’. This is nearly finished. Hopefully I will get is done this coming week. Once it's done I will place a picture on my blog.

On the corners there will come four evening stars. One is completed.
On the left and right sides the following stars will be placed:
- de Lemoyne star (I just discovered that I still need to make two of these. Silly me, and I thought I was half way there!)
- Liberty star
- St. Louis star
- the circling swallows

On the top and bottom rows I will place
- the castle wall
- the middle ages
- the broken star
- the jewels in a frame

I hope you get a clear picture of the quilt under construction. A lot more hours are needed to complete this quilt! I really hope I can start sandwiching in September.

Quilt under construction

Here is a photo of the quilt under construction. I still have to make 12 stars and then I can start putting everything together. It will become a 240x240 cm quilt.
This is a big project, as you can imagine. I hope to finish all 12 stars before the end of september! I better go back down stairs to quilt. Time flies!!

New additions

I can’t help myself, I love books. The bookshelves are becoming very crowded in my study. There is hardly any room left for the new additions I recently bought. I love reading and recently I discovered a whole new area: the history of quilting.
These are my new additions:
- The history of the patchwork quilt, 1987, Schnuppe von Gwinner
- Quilts, A beautiful History, 2005, Zaro Weil

If you have read a book on the history of quilting, I would love to hear about is. Please send me an e-mail with title, author and ISBN-number.

My first blog

I've wanted to have my own blog for some time but never had the guts/inspiration tot start. I also had another problem; in which language wil I communicate? I finally decided on english as this way more people will be able to enjoy my blog.