Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year resolutions

Today it is the 31st of December and the last day of this year and I’m looking forward to 2008. I’m not good with endings, goodbyes and looking back. My focus is on the future. I like having goals and trying to aim for something. Still I have to admit reflecting is one of my better gifts. Although I use this insight to improve myself and helping others, thus my focus remains on the future and on personal growth.
I think it is quite silly that I always feel a little down, melancholy, on the days preceding the 31st. I think I would prefer skipping the end of the year. But the good thing is tomorrow it will be the 1st of January.

Kim from Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure has tempted me in voicing my New Year resolutions. Well here I go, some are quilt related and some aren’t.
- Complete my Star quilt
- Complete Zoë’s quilt
- Finish the top of my Compass quilt
- Completing the top of my 365 challenge quilt
- Finishing the top of the Kaleidoscope quilt
- Not starting any new quilt projects before finishing the above!
- Learning to work with EQ (by maybe doing a course)
- Lose the weight that I gained the last two years by exercising a little more. In my busy schedule I want to incorporate a fitness program of at least walking twice a week and rowing twice a week on the remaining days
- Do a course on process management
- Keep on blogging
- Doing only those things I really, really like doing

Well this was quite a list. I’ll let you know how I’m going at the end of March, June, September and December.

Last year I only had a short holiday to Wales. As I really missed my two weeks of doing nothing, just reading and soaking up the sun, my resolutions at the end of last September was to plan some holidays in 2008. Coming April I’ll be going to Andalusia, Spain and in June going to the north of Wales. Both holidays will be for two whole weeks and renting a little house/apartment for at least a week just to relax and do some sight seeing. Nothing is going to deter me from my plans

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Not enough fabric for the 365 challenge quilt!!

This is the second time this has happened to me. After cutting lots of strips of 11,5 cm I’ve come up short of about 80 cm of fabric. Lucky me I’m going to Deventer coming Thursday for a high tea with an colleague from my previous job, I can then pop in at Petra Prins in Zutphen. These two cities aren’t too far apart.
As you can see I’ve cut all the strips into little pieces. I have now cut
- 138 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch
- 66 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch
- 68 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 5 ½ inch
- 48 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 6 ½ inch

Still need
- 22 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 3 ½ inch
- 14 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch
- 12 pieces of 4 ½ inch by 5 ½ inch

Notice the cup of coffee (can't start my day without one) and the tutorial from Leanne's House?

I’ve also cut the sashing (2cm) and borders (11,5 cm). Yes, between the columns I will put strips of sashing (I’ve cut 15 strips of 3,5 cm). The reason for changing the pattern of Leanne’s House a little is that I want a quilt 2 meters by 2 meters. The double beds in the Netherlands are a little bigger then the normal Aussie ones.

Well I think I might start sewing some columns tomorrow.


For Christmas I got a poffertjespan to make Dutch pancakes. These are really little pancakes and are delicious with some butter and sugar. I thought they would be really easy to make. Well I was wrong. Making the batter isn’t that hard but turning the little pancakes just at the right time is hard to determine. This might be due to the cast-iron poffertjespan. I haven’t figured out yet when it has the right temperature. Some were a little well done; others should have been left in the pan a little longer. I’ve gotten a deep respect for all those poffertjes cooks out there.

In the last photo you can see I made lots! I made enough for two servings.

Saturday, 29 December 2007


Yesterday I bought the fabric for my Kaleidoscope workshop. I first made a design in EQ6. It is a simple design but I think I will really like this quilt once it is finished.
Some how in the process of transforming the pdf to a jpg-document it changed colours.

The quilt will be red and white. Yesterday I washed the fabric and today I ironed them.

The nice thing when designing in EQ6 is that you can print the templates in the size you want and get the instructions as well.

Turkey and Pavlova

Here are some photos of Christmas 2007

Zoë wanted me to be a Christmas tree
Julian got a Mac Book. Here we are looking at the family photos.

Julian and Tess, both a little sick on Christmas day.
My sister and Tess
Who is missing?
The Pavlova! I made one for Christmas and one for Boxing day. It looks pretty good and tasted as it looks. Making Pavlova has become my speciality.
Cutting a Pavlova is not :)
The turkey is another Christmas favorite, of myself.
Carving the turkey that I can do.

Here we are at home on Boxing day.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I spent my Christmas.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Missed the moment!

It is nearly the end of the year and it is time to reflect. I missed my 100th blog. Without noticing I’m now writing my 104th post. I’m really happy that I decided to blog. I have met a lot of nice people in blogland, it is such an international community. I hope I will meet you all in person one day. I also love reading all your blogs. I now have 106 feeds on BlogLines. Yes, I try to read your posts every day. I’m sorry that I don’t always leave a comment, as I know how much I love receiving yours.

My 365 challenge quilt is coming along nicely. I have made my 60th notation. Will wash the fabric today and I think I might start cutting the squares. The top of my Star quilt is coming along nicely as well. In 2008 I do hope I will be able to start quilting this quilt. Sadly, the quilt for Zoë (my niece), is taking forever. My aim was to finish it for this Christmas, but Christmas has passed. I do have some new goals for 2008!!

Yesterday I received my invitation for the Kaleidoscope workshop. I think I will make this quilt with my sewing machine. Still have to find the fabric for this quilt. I don’t know yet which colour scheme I will choose. Better hurry up and make a decision as there is a sale on in our local quilt shop, 25% discount on all fabrics.

I had an enjoyable Christmas, after reading all your posts I think I might conclude that you did too. Monday night we attended the evening service and had a late night super. Christmas day we went up north to my mum. We all received lots of presents; I however didn’t receive any quilt related presents, maybe next year! Boxing day was spent at home. I will post the pictures of the turkey and Pavlova soon.

Going shopping today for a sideboard for our hallway, jippie

Monday, 24 December 2007

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

It took some effort but it is finished! It is now framed as you can see. Sadly, I got a splinter in my finger in the last phase of this project. Luckily it didn’t go into deep; with a tweezer I was able to remove it. I’m ok now :)

Doesn’t it look great? Thank you Angels in Disguise for designing this wonderful pattern.

I’ll leave you with the following Christmas carol:

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
Not only green when summer's here,
But also when 'tis cold and drear.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me;
How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can'st give me.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy candles shine so brightly!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy candles shine so brightly!
From base to summit, gay and bright,
There's only splendor for the sight.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy candles shine so brightly!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How richly God has decked thee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How richly God has decked thee!
Thou bidst us true and faithful be,
And trust in God unchangingly.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
How richly God has decked thee! !"

Sunday, 23 December 2007


Didn't quite make it, but I'm nearly there. Only have to finish the tree as you can see.
Tomorrow I can frame it. Finished just in time for Christmas eve, hopefully.


Yesterday we went to Düsseldorf. Where were all the Germans? We heard only Dutch while walking through the Königsallee, the main shopping street in Dusseldorf. We did a lot of walking, I had this long list of things I wanted to buy, but sadly I didn’t find what I wanted.
I did buy some new earplugs for my iPod Nano. The pair that comes with the Nano hurt my ears. I have small delicate ears! I now have ones with small ear adapters. These come in three sizes, large, medium and small. I’ll use the small ones!!

Naturally we also stopped for coffee. In Dusseldorf you find a Starbucks around every corner. I had a gingerbread latte, to get me into that Christmas mood, and a raspberry cheesecake.
The Christmas fair wasn’t too bad, but I saw no nice decorations or ornaments that I wanted to have. I also so no quilt shop. If anyone knows of one in Düsseldorf, please let me know.

The Netherlands was covered with a coat of frost yesterday. I took one or two nice photos.

After our shopping spree, we drove to Groesbeek to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. We went out to dinner, to a lovely restaurant that we have been to before. The food is superb. Forgot to take out my camera to take some photos, sorry.

When we came home there was this little parcel waiting for me. It didn’t contain any quilt related items, but a CD. While in Wales last May, I had bought this CD of Dylan Rowlands.
I really liked his CD Telynor Portmeirion, which we heard in a restaurant in Bala. Dylan plays the harp, a wonderful instrument. Anyway, when we got home we found out that the CD contained no music tracks. This was one big disappointment. Naturally I wrote to the recording company to voice my disappointment. First I was going to get the money refunded, but this is better, I got a new CD.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Getting into the mood

You would think it was nearly Christmas. Worked mostly on my stitchery ''oh Christmas tree'' today. Only need to do the pot and tree and then I can frame it. I think I will post a picture Monday, but most probably Sunday.

As you can see I'm getting into the Christmas mood.

Some of the ornaments

Teddy and Charlie: We like to lay in the door way, as it is nice and warm there.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

happy times,
decorate your
holiday season,
may warm,
special memories
brighten your
new year,
may the wonder of
Christmas be with you

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas break

No work for two whole weeks!! I think I will enjoy myself this Christmas break, I have so many WIP's (Works in Progress) that I don't think I will become bored :)
Better get back to my stitchery ''Oh Christmas tree''. I've done about three quarters. For the next couple of days I haven't got much planned (except Christmas dinner preparations), so I just might get it finished before Christmas.
I will blog again tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


It is a little too cold for me, said my Laguna. I need a blanket to keep my windows warm and frost free tonight.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas Workshop at home

Today my quilter friends came over for a nice day of quilting. We all worked on something for Christmas. Some of us got things finished for this Christmas, and others will finish it before next year. Most of us were busy making yoyos for their miniature Christmas tree quilt.

I worked on my ‘Oh Christmas tree’.
I got very spoiled. I got ‘Kerststol’, punch, a basket full of Christmas chocolate delights, a cake and a Christmas ornament for on the table

For lunch I made soup and sandwiches. To be truthful, everyone had to make their own sandwich. Otherwise I would never get any work done! As you may gather, we did some stitchery, sewing and quilting between snacks.
When leaving everyone told me they had a lovely day. I’m glad. I enjoyed myself also. As it was a success, others from the Bee will organize a workshop in the near future.

Here are some pictures to get an impression of our day.